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Impeccable video delivery by Zoi Video


Impeccable video delivery was our primary goal and dream. A part of this means delivering smooth playback without buffering or delays. Moreover, following our mission of helping build a faster internet, providing excellent performance when delivering the online video content. It was paramount when we designed the system.

Gone are those days and times when online video-making buffering was acceptable. In current times buffering is almost unacceptable by any standard. There is 5G, Elon Musk’s Starlink and much more sophisticated and advanced internet service providers are right at the corner. It has become that videos load and play instantly.

See how Zoi Video instantly plays the video with a zero buffering state.


However, even with modern content video delivery networks, video delivery can be prone to buffer or slow loading times. Usually, this happens because of long distances between the origin cloud storage. The CDN edge is where a piece of the content is not found in the cache.

In such a case, no matter how well a CDN is connected or how fast a user’s internet speed is. However, if a file isn’t available in the local cache that won’t help much. There will still be a significant performance bottleneck caused by the storage system.

The State of Video Delivery Before Zoi Video

Unfortunately, even to this day, most companies rely on a single region to store video data. It can run into tens, hundreds, or even thousands of terabytes easily. Since it’s not financially feasible for a CDN to store all of this data on every single edge node. Unless you’re Netflix, Apple Tv or Disney+, or even Amazon. It often becomes a case that a large portion of the video content ends up being served from this cold storage. This not only adds up to multiple seconds of delay to the playback but is also error-prone due to long-distance networks being much less reliable.

Moving Video Storage To Zoi Video

When we started working on Zoi Video, we had a vast scope to improvise where other competitors were failing or lacking. We wanted to bring the excellent experience we all know and expect from services such as YouTube or Netflix.

ZOi Video Storage efficiently replicates your video files around the world with up to 5 regions and counting. Thanks to this, we are able to offer up to double the throughput of traditional storage services and as much as 70% lower latency around the world, while still keeping storage costs at a manageable level. We can see just how dramatic this difference can be in the illustration below.

Superfast Zoi Video Storage

The World. We’re on a mission to make the internet hop faster everywhere, and we’re extremely excited to continue pushing towards this ambitious goal. After a release just earlier this year, Zoi Video is ready to store petabytes of content. To the hundreds of millions of people every month millions of videos are ready to deliver.