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Zoi Video: A better way to deliver online video

video delivery

Video consumption around the world has been steadily on the rise and growing faster and faster every year. In fact, it is estimated that every second, over a million minutes of online video making, is done and online videos are viewed around the world.

As a video content delivery platform, Zoi Video already helps to accelerate. It includes hundreds of thousands of terabytes of video traffic with ease on demand. However, CDN and storage are not the only two pieces of the puzzle. To efficiently deliver video, you also need to transcode to different resolutions, generate thumbnails, set up captions, and then package everything up with a video player.

This is time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes overly complicated. At the moment, different services will either offer encoding, storage, video player, CDN, or an overly expensive, stripped-down combination of the four. We thought that just wasn’t good enough.

Make video delivery as simple as possible!

With ZOi Video, we already provide two key components for extremely efficient video delivery, so we thought, why not solve the whole puzzle and help everyone that is struggling with this.

ZoiVideo - video streaming platforms like youtube

A better way to deliver online video!

The goal for Zoi Video was to create a better way to deliver online videos like youtube. We moved all the annoying bits under the hood and packaged everything into a powerful, but very intuitive platform. That allows you to get started in just a few clicks.

Simply upload a video, copy the embed code and you’re good to go. We handle all the transcoding, player integration, playlists, captions, and thumbnail generation.

No more nasty transcoding fees, no more messy file transfers, complex APIs, or manual CDN integration. Bunny Stream was designed to be easy to implement and developer-friendly. It allows you to get started in just a few minutes.

Experience performance like never before.

At Zoi Video, it is our goal to build a faster internet, and great performance has been our first priority. Thanks to our 30Tbps+ backbone and 53+ PoPs around the world we can deliver video content reliably at any scale, in any place.

However, where things get even more exciting is the storage, the area where traditional video CDNs really struggle. It’s not uncommon to see buffering or slow seeking, just because the video wasn’t yet in cache on the CDN. This is where our Video Storage comes into play.

Thanks to global data replication we assure exceptional performance for every request. No matter if that was cached or not. ZOi Video delivers a reliable and enjoyable experience to your users no matter where they are. ZOi Video is much better in delivering video experience as compared to traditional services thanks to our Video Storage.

As simple as it gets. As powerful as you need it.

You can bring your own files, download the mp4 files, upload your thumbnails and even completely customize the embed HTML view. We want to empower all the content creators out there to easily work with video while giving you all the tools you need to help you focus on your own product, not the video processing, and monetize from your videos instantly.

ZoiVideo - video streaming platforms like youtube

Powerful security.

We understand that not every online video should be available to everyone, so we also have built-in powerful security features that allow you to control exactly who and where can watch your content.

To level up security even further, a basic clear-key DRM system that offers powerful dynamic encryption is deeply tied into the player. No illegal downloading, hotlinking videos.

All your videos are played with a valid license key integrated within our platform for maximum security without having to rely on complex and expensive enterprise DRM systems and without having you do any task, it’s all inbuilt.

How much does it cost?

So that’s all great, but how much does it all cost? Absolutely nothing! We only charge you for the Video Storage. When we set out to improve video delivery, that included the costs as well!

In fact, we saved thousands of hours of video encoding time for our users saving tens of thousands of dollars that would otherwise be charged by cloud encoding services.

Zoi Video charges only $0.30 Per GB Per Month on Video Storage, your Bandwidth is FREE it’s on us, we cover those costs 🙂

Take it for a spin!

We’re very excited about ZOi Video and invite you to test it out yourself. We have a 30 days Free Trial, with no need for Credit Card, you get full 30d Days Free with 10GB of storage, give our platform a spin, add your videos, monetize from your end. If you like it, well you can simply add your credit card and you are all set. Easy, Peasy JapanEASY !!

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